The Legends of Implant Dentistry - with The History of Transplantology and Implantology, 1e

  • The Legends of Implant Dentistry - with The History of Transplantology and Implantology, 1e
  • Publisher: Jpb (2010)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 8184488750
  • ISBN-13: 978-8184488753


This book represents an important contribution to the literature in a discipline that, up to now, has been vague and confusing, while at the same time controversial. Implantology still remains for most of us at the border of the “twilight zone”. Those of us who have implanted natural teeth realized that in a relatively short time the roots would resorb. From these observations came the concept of using a foreign substance. Today the purity of the material used in implants is not as important as its toleration by the tissues. At the present time we are transplanting entire human organs, including hearts, kidneys and lungs. What is feared and far from being entirely understood is the rejection by the body of these so-called foreign substances. In dental implants we are similarly faced with the process of rejection. However, dental implants, unlike organ transplants, are inorganic, thus eliminating rejection. It is the hope of the author that successful answers will be found so that implantology will be on a firmer foundation. When any technique, dental or otherwise, reaches the threshold of being used by a growing number of practitioners who are experienced in their fields, serious consideration must be given the technical point of view, even though some practitioners may feel it is ahead of its time. Such resolute treatise by an innovator, using commonly accepted scientific principles and documentary evidence of trialand-error, success-and-failure decrees must elicit respect for the innovator and the experimentation. The work of this author has been guided by such principles. His books Theories and Techniques of Oral Implantology, written several decades ahead of their time, are evidence of such forward-looking activity. All forms of experimentations in any field have always been attempted with confidence; an assurance of success is an integral part of the desires of the experimenter. The majority of our later attempts have been successful. In those later cases where failure resulted, it was not because of basic flaws in the concept of an endosseous implant procedure but because of overenthusiasm in attempting an intervention. But we have learned from our mistakes. This book is a synthesis of my experiences in the field of implantology, and the experiences of many others. It describes many techniques that are successful because they have been carefully designed to be compatible with the laws of nature. It explores the reasons why an implant succeeds or fails, from both operatory and physiologic viewpoints. It prepares the reader for the kind of experience that can be gained only through actual clinical work. It tells the individual operator why the procedures should work; his own experiences based on a thorough understanding of the factors involved will finally prove that they do work. This book is important because the information herein explores what an ever-increasing number of operators are proving is the modern miracle in dentistry.

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