The Herbst Appliance: Research-based Clinical Management, 1e

  • The Herbst Appliance: Research-based Clinical Management, 1e
  • Publisher: Quintessence Pub Co; 1 edition (May 30, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1850971692
  • ISBN-13: 978-1850971696
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This book is based on more than 30 years of scientific and clinical work with the Herbst appliance in the therapy of Class II malocclusions.

Elaboration of the clinical use of this noncompliance fixed functional appliance include the following topics:

Appliance design and construction 
Short- and long-term treatment effects in the management of Class II:1 and Class II:2 malocclusions 
Mandibular growth stimulation in patients treated at different stages of somatic and skeletal maturation 
Headgear effect of the Herbst appliance 
Therapy influence on the frequency of extractions 
Advantages and disadvantages of an early versus a late treatment approach 
Successful application of the Herbst appliance in young adults (20 to 30 years of age) 
Herbst therapy as an alternative to orthognathic surgery in nonsyndrome adult Class II malocclusions

Additionally, this book addresses the possible harmful effects of the Herbst appliance on the temporomandibular joint, the anchorage teeth, and the tooth-supporting hard and soft tissue structures.

Table of Contents 
1. Historical Background
2. Dentoskeletal Characteristics of Class II Malocclusions
3. Design, Construction, and Clinical Management of the Herbst Appliance
4. Derivates of the Herbst Appliance
5. Experiemental Studies on Bite Jumping
6. Herbst Research Subjects and Methods
7. Short-term Effects on the Dentoskeletal Structures
8. Long-term Effects on the Dentoskeletal Structures
9. The Headgear Effect of the Herbst Appliance
10. Effects on TMJ Growth
11. Effects on Mandibular Growth and Morphology
12. Effective TMJ Growth 
13. Effects on the Skeletofacial Growth Pattern
14. Effects on the Facial Profile
15. Effects on Muscular Activity
16. Effects on TMJ Function
17. Treatment of the Retrognathic and Prognathic Facial Type
18. Treatment of Hyper- and Hypodivergent Class II: 1 Malocclusions
19. Anchorage Problems
20. Effects on Anchorage Teeth and Tooth-Supporting Structures
21. Treatment Indications
22. Treatment Timing
23. Treatment of Adults An Alternative to Orthognathic Surgery
24. Complications
25. Relapse and Retention
26. Concluding Remarks

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