Statements: Diagnostics and Therapy in Dental Medicine Today and in the Future, 1e

  • Statements: Diagnostics and Therapy in Dental Medicine Today and in the Future, 1e
  • Publisher: Quintessence Pub Co; 1 edition (November 30, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 185097182X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1850971825

Every year scientists and researchers from all over the world are invited to Liechtenstein to present and discuss their research at the Ivoclar Vivadent Scientific Congress. In 2008, the platform was expanded to include a review of the current state of the art of dentistry. Researchers and clinicians were asked to answer important questions about the changing face of dentistry, and the review papers they prepared in advance of the congress form the content of this book. Professionals in every area of dentistry will find this to be a fascinating and inspiring look at the past, present, and future of the field.
1 Diagnostics of Dental Diseases How do we Distinguish Ourselves from our Grandparents?

2 Caries Prevention and Caries Control Two Sides of the Same Coin? 

3 Adhesion to Tooth Enamel and Dentin A View on the Latest Technology and Future Perspectives

4 Anterior Restorations Direct Composites, Veneers or Crowns? 

5 Posterior Composite Restorations Direct or Indirect Technique? 

6 Treatment Goal for the Anterior Segment Functional Reconstruction or Smile Design? 

7 Root Canal Therapy versus Implant

8 Tooth- or Implant-Supported Reconstructions in the Patient Susceptible to Periodontitis? 

9 The Missing Tooth Replacement with a Tooth-Supported or Implant-Supported Reconstruction? 

10 The Free-End Situation Restore with Partial Removable Dental Prosthesis, Cantilever Fixed Dental Prosthesis, Implant-Supported Crowns or Fixed Dental Prosthesis? 

11 The Complete Denture Museum Object with a Future? 

12 Invisible Orthodontics

13 Principles for Selection of Metal-Ceramic and All-Ceramic Prostheses

14 Clinical Outcome of All-Ceramic Restorations

15 Are Composites at the End of Development? Requirements of Clinicians versus Technical Possibilities

16 Dental Technology Visions for Materials and Processes of the Future

17 The Future of Dental Medicine

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