Modern Medical Toxicology, 4e

  • Modern Medical Toxicology, 4e

The need for a book exclusively designed to meet the needsofindian physicians was dire, and it was at such a time thatauthorwrote the first edition of modern medical toxicology, takinggreatcare to incorporate only information that was currentandpractically useful. In order to make it interesting tomedicalstudents, author had included a number of case histories,anecdotesand quotations. But, over a period of time, authorrealised thatthe information content with regard to toxicology formedicos hadimproved considerably in recent textbooks of forensicmedicine (apossible, positive fallout of mmt), and the focus,therefore,should shift exclusively to physicians. Table of contents section 1: general principles section 2: corrosive (caustic) poisons section 3: chemical poisons section 4: organic poisons (toxins) section 5: neurotoxic poisons section 6: cardiovascular poisons section 7: asphyxiant poisons section 8: hydrocarbons and pesticides section 9: miscellaneous drugs and poisons section 10: food poisons section 11: substance abuse section 12: analytical toxicology appendices index

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Book Details
Author: V.V. Pillay
Edition: 4th edition
ISBN-13: 9789350259658
Language: English
Published: January 1, 2013
  • 160 EGP

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