Microbiology For Dummies, 1e

  • Microbiology For Dummies, 1e

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  • Grasp the basics of cell functions and interactions
  • Discover the integral part microbes play in the ecosystem
  • Identify one-celled organisms and their genetics

Make sense of the study of life

Does microbiology make your head spin? You're not alone. Luckily, this down-to-earth guide makes the study of this enormously encompassing subject accessible and fun. Discover how to identify a microbial pathogen, what diseases are caused by microorganisms, and the latest information on vaccines. This guide also allows you to step into, and understand, the cell. In no time, you-ll grasp life at the cellular level and transfer your knowledge of this minuscule topic to score big at exam time!


  • Explanations of micro life
  • Basics of photosynthesis
  • The scoop on chemolithotrophy
  • Respiration vs. fermentation
  • Tips for taking the mystery out of –omics
  • Inroads into microbial communities

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Author: Jennifer Stearns - Michael Surette - Julienne C. Kaiser
Edition: 1 edition
ISBN-13: 9781119544425
ISBN-10: 1119544424
Language: English
Published: March 26, 2019
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