Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 1e

210 EGP

Anatomy for Plastic Surgery of the Face, Head, and Neck, 1e

80 EGP

Anesthesia in Cosmetic Surgery, 1e

60 EGP

Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Conditions: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Management, 4e

160 EGP

Cosmetic Injection Techniques: A Text and Video Guide to Neurotoxins and Fillers, 2e

70 EGP

Oculoplastic Surgery Atlas: Cosmetic Facial Surgery, 2005e

55 EGP

Office-Based Maxillofacial Surgical Procedures: A Step-by-step Approach, 1e

100 EGP

Plastic Surgery: Volume 1: Principles, 3e

340 EGP

Plastic Surgery: Volume 2: Aesthetic Surgery, 3e

285 EGP

Principles and Practice of Pediatric Plastic Surgery, 2e

400 EGP

Review of Plastic Surgery, 2e

105 EGP

Scott-Brown's Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery: Volume 3: Head and Neck Surgery, Plastic Surgery, 8e

315 EGP

Plastic Surgery: Volume 3: Craniofacial, Head and Neck Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery, 3e

360 EGP

Facial Plastic Surgery: The Essential Guide, 1e

100 EGP

Complications in Facial Plastic Surgery: Prevention and Management, 1e

75 EGP

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