Cardioskeletal Myopathies in Children and Young Adults, 1e

Cardioskeletal Myopathies in Children and Young Adults, 1e

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  • Author: John Lynn Jefferies - Burns Blaxall - Jeffrey Towbin - Jeffrey Robbins
  • Edition: 1 edition
  • ISBN-13: 9780128000403
  • ISBN-10: 0128000406
  • Language: English
  • Published: November 9, 2016

Product Description

Cardioskeletal Myopathies in Children and Young Adults focuses on plaques that kill people in their 40’s-50’s and the way they start to form in young adulthood. The Annals of Family Medicine report that approximately half of young adults have at least one cardiovascular disease risk factor (Mar 2010), and an increase in cardiovascular mortality rates in young adults was substantiated in a study at Northwestern Medicine (Nov 2011).

Given the increasing recognition of genetic triggers behind all types of cardiovascular disease, and the growing population of young adults with primary or acquired myocardial disease, the need has arisen for a reference that offers a comprehensive approach to the understanding of basic, translational, and clinical aspects of specific muscle diseases while making the link between young adult and adult health.

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