Manual of Temporomandibular Joint, 1e

  • Manual of Temporomandibular Joint, 1e

This book is indeed is a beautiful compilation of development, anatomy, clinical examination, recent imaging techniques disorders and their management, pertaining to temporomandibular joint. The book also deals in regard to the various applied aspects of temporomandibular joint disorder and its considerations in dental specialty. 
The another significant and praiseworthy aspect of the book is the extensive number of clinical photographs of normal components of temporomandibular joint and different temporomandibular joint pathologies, that have been incorporated, which are bound to facilitate the understanding of the issue in a genuine way. 
The topic chosen for the book is significant, in as much as the various aspects with reference to the pathologies of temporomandibular joint, have been dealt with not only adequately, but also in a very lucid and free-flowing manner. 
It is a book which can be said to be “handy, informative, readable” and capable of stating various facets of inquisitive mind and intellect alike.

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