Grossman's Endondontic Practice, 12e

  • Grossman's Endondontic Practice, 12e

The classic gold standard textbook for endodontics-grossmans endodontic practice, has been completely revised and updated in its 12th edition to re-present itself in a new color. The textbook continues to remain the much sought-after book by the undergraduate students. Much care has been taken to retain the flavor of original grossman and at the same time the newer techniques and other developments in the field of endodontics have been thoroughly updated. Relevant newer topics have been included and the older topics have been revised as necessary. Features of bookcompletely revised edition after 23 years with new concepts and techniquesover 1100 new illustrations comprising relevant line diagrams, clinical photographs, radiographs, and histological slidesthis edition highlights the shift in endodontic practice from chemo mechanical approach to a more biologically centered and biocompatible approachprosthodontic considerations of endodontically treated teeth. Lasers in endodontics. Procedural errors and their management. Case reports given in each chapter helps in understanding the conceptual illustrations and also in understanding the clinical discussions. With its contemporary approach and comprehensive coverage this classic is an indispensable text for both students & practitioners.

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Author: B. Suresh Chandra
Edition: 1st Edition
ISBN-13: 9788184732801
Language: English
Published: 2010
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