Essential Biochemistry, 4e

  • Essential Biochemistry, 4e

Many details in the text and illustration program have been updated, with virtually no section left untouched. Some signifi cant changes are worth mentioning: Chapter 3 includes an updated discussion of genomics and a completely new presentation of DNA sequencing technologies and the use of CRISPR-Cas to edit genes. Other new items include a discussion of archaeal lipids, details on the GLUT membrane transport protein, a box on exosomes, new illustrations of respiratory cilia and bacterial peptidoglycan, new molecular graphics of mitochondrial respiratory complexes, an updated presentation of the ribonucleotide reductase mechanism, and more information on the microbiome, cancer, and obesity. Descriptions of DNA  replication and transcription have been extensively modifi ed, with numerous new diagrams to present a more realistic picture of these processes. The histone code and readers, writers, and erasers are explained. New details on RNA splicing and
protein translocation round out the revised text.
Eight health-related topics that were previously confi ned to short boxes have been updated and expanded to Clinical Connection sections to give them the appropriate attention: 2.5 Acid–Base Balance in Humans, 4.5 Protein Misfolding and Disease, 5.2 Hemoglobin Variants, 6.5 Blood Coagulation, 7.4 Drug Development, 13.5 Disorders of Carbohydrate Metabolism, 19.4 Cancer Metabolism, and 20.4 Cancer as a Genetic

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