Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases: 5 volume Set, 2e

  • Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases: 5 volume Set, 2e

Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases, Second Edition, comprehensively reviews the extensive spectrum of diseases and disorders that can occur within the endocrine system. It serves as a useful and comprehensive source of information spanning the many and varied aspects of the endocrine end metabolic system. Students will find a concise description of the physiology and pathophysiology of endocrine and metabolic functions, as well as their diseases. Each article provides a comprehensive overview of the selected topic to inform a broad spectrum of readers, from advanced undergraduate students, to research professionals.

Chapters explore the latest advances and hot topics that have emerged in recent years, such as the molecular basis of endocrine and metabolic diseases (mutations, epigenetics, signaling), the pathogenesis and therapy of common endocrine diseases (e.g. diabetes and endocrine malignancies), new technologies in endocrine research, new methods of treatment, and endocrine toxicology/disruptors.

    Covers all aspects of endocrinology and metabolism
    Incorporates perspectives from experts working within the domains of biomedicine (e.g. physiology, pharmacology and toxicology, immunology, genetics) and clinical sciences to provide readers with reputable, multi-disciplinary content from domain experts
    Provides a ‘one-stop’ resource for access to information as written by world-leading scholars in the field, with easy cross-referencing of related articles to promote understanding and further research


Students, clinicians, and researchers in the field of endocrinology seeking specific information on topics outside their immediate area of expertise, as well as help with diagnosing and treating endocrine patients. The Encyclopedia will be of interest to laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and graduate, departmental and medical school libraries

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Book Details
Author: Ilpo Huhtaniemi
Edition: 2 edition
ISBN-13: 9780128121993
ISBN-10: 0128121998
Language: English
Published: October 15, 2018
  • 900 EGP

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