Dr Maha's Dento-Gulf (for Gulf Countries Licensing Examination), 1e

  • Dr Maha's Dento-Gulf (for Gulf Countries Licensing Examination), 1e

Note from the author:

I have always believed in sharing thoughts, experiences, discoveries, news etc. In fact, there is something especially gratifying in sharing knowledge. And because of this I strongly believe that I would now like to share my knowledge about Gulf countries licensing examination procedures and questions papers. I hope this will be very useful for the people who are dreaming about working in gulf countries and earn enough wealth.
As the earning prospective of dentists in gulf countries are much better than in many developing countries, most of the dentists from these developing countries dream about working in these gulf countries. But most of them have very little idea about the registration process and licensing exam in each of these countries. This book will give you all the details of all the registration process and exam details in each medical council in these gulf countries.
At the beginning of 2010, I Dr. K. Mahalingam, a general dentist from Tamilnadu, India got selected for resident dentist job in Ministry of Interior (MOI) Hospitals, Saudi Arabia. The job interview was conducted by MOI delegates in New Delhi. After coming to Saudi Arabia for the job, I appeared for the SCFHS licensing exam for Saudi Arabia in 1 month’s time, but failed on that occasion. I came very close to passing margin, but I scored 58%, where the passing percentage is 60%.
After the first attempt, where I came very close to passing but was failed, I searched for the guidance from various sources, but I couldn’t find anything significant which will help me passing this exam. There was no book for the exam like the one, you are reading now, and there was no syllabus mentioned in any of the licensing website. And the exam did carry with it the awe of ‘high failure rate and aura. The exam was indeed one consisting questions you did not know the answer too.
After I failed the exam I went through the hard phase of my life where I didn’t get any guidance which I needed at that time, I have left with no idea, how to go about in this exam next time. So I studied all the subject books in dentistry from first year to final year as I had no clue about what they will ask in the exam. With my hard work of another 1 month’s period I finally passed the exam in my very second attempt with good marks of 70%. Where many of my friends couldn’t succeed and had to leave their job and go back to their home country. All their dreams and hopes were shattered because of the exam results.
At that time I have decided that I should help people who are preparing for various gulf countries dental licensing exams like me. I developed the idea of surveying successful exam candidates from various gulf countries exams to find out exactly what was asked in all their exams. It started off with me interviewing colleagues, juniors and seniors and their friends, relatives, etc, through various sources like Facebook, e-mail, phone calls, WhatsApp, etc. This lead to the development of questionnaire to find out what questions they had been given, what were the correct answers, and which part of the syllabus they should concentrate the most.
The battle to overcome this obstacle has become a four year epic that took over my life, in which I have cleared all the licensing exams I appeared in other country medical councils like DHA and MOH UAE. I transformed from green and inexperienced, to complete expert in everything regarding the dental license exam in Gulf.
I asked all my friends and relatives to report on both their pass and previous failed experiences and the questions. I based the book on the, extensive surveys of candidates who sat in the exams in most Gulf Countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, etc. and then told us exactly what questions appeared in it—the length and breath. This information turned a list of more than 10000 exam questions, from which I realized many of them where repeated in those country exams. Finally I included all the questions that has emerged in those exams which turned the list into 46 model question chapters and 4 mock test papers which comprising 3500 questions with answers and explanations and references where needed.
The real hard phase in this book writing process is finding correct answers for those 3500 questions. It took great efforts to search correct answers for each and every question. I have spent all my leisure hours in my hospital library and went through all the standard text books in dentistry in these 4 years of time in search of correct answers. During my vacation to India every year I spent maximum days in my university library for finding answers. Whenever I was not able to find the correct answers for some questions, I have discussed each of those questions with the specialists in relevant field to verify those answers, with minimum of 3 specialists in each field, before coming to final conclusion,
A crucial part of my 4 years journey that formed the seed that eventually grew into the first edition of this book, was the realization that in fact behind the mystique’ the reality was, that most of the questions were indeed appearing in exams with over and over again. I experienced every manifestation of disaster and eventually triumphed.

Making mistakes is a nature of us humans. So In any case the readers of this book find any mistakes in any of these answers, please inform me with the question and correct answer, with proper reference book and page number, to my mail id dentogulf@gmail.com. We will immediately respond to your mail and verify those answers and correct it with suitable answers, so that it will greatly help the future aspirants.

Key features:

• This is the first book for dentist license exams in gulf countries.
• 46 model questions chapters and 4 mock test papers.(3500 questions and answers with explanations and reference wherever relevant). (Which will be asked frequently in these license exams)
• Important information about the registration process and documents needed
• License examination procedures in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, ,United Arab Emirates(DHA, MOH, HAAD)
• Important study topics


Section – I: Registration process in Gulf Countries
1. Registration process in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
The curriculum covered for Saudi licensing exam as follows:
Recommend book References for general dentistry
List of documents required for SCFHS registration
Registrations Methods
Exam result of SCFHS:
2. Registration process in UAE
i. Ministry Of Health (MOH)
The curriculum covered for Ministry Of Health (MOH)
Register with MOH to get eligibility number:
List of documents required for MOH registration
Registration Process For MOH UAE:
Register with prometric centre for exam
Exam Result Of MOH UAE:
ii. Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
The curriculum covered for Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
Register with Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to get eligibility number:
List of documents required for DHA registration
Registration process of Dubai Health Authority (DHA):
Register with prometric centre for exam
Exam Result of Dubai Health Authority (DHA):
iii. Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD)
Register with Health Authority of AbuDhabi (HAAD) to get eligibility number:
List of documents required for HAAD registration:
Registration process for Health Authority of AbuDhabi (HAAD):
Register with Pearson VUE for HAAD exam:
How HAAD exam for dentist is different from other gulf country exam?
3. Registration process in Sultanate of Oman
The curriculum covered for OMSB exam
Recommend book References for general dentistry
List of documents required for OMSB registration
Registration process of OMSB exam:
Exam results of OMSB:
4. Registration process in State of Qatar
Important Topics of SCH test
Recommend book for References
List of documents required for Supreme Council Of Health (SCH) registration
Registration process for Supreme Council Of Health (SCH) registration:
Exam results of Supreme Council Of Health (SCH):

Section – II: Model Question Papers
Section – III: Mock Test Papers.

About the Author:

Dr.K.Mahalingam is a general dentist who is working in a ministry of interior hospitals, kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a proud 14th batch student of Rajas Dental College & Hospital, Affiliated with Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR. Medical University, Chennai. INDIA. Apart from Indian dental council license, He is the registered dentist and license holder of kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. He has passed the dentist license exams of Saudi Commission For Health Specialties (SCFHS), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Ministry Of Health (MOHUAE).

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