Textbook of Microbiology, 1e

  • Textbook of Microbiology, 1e

Microbiology is an extremely diverse discipline and can be a bewildering field to the novice. The traditional books seem to be exhaustive of microbiologic facts, are too long and detailed to be read by the typical medical student who is trying to keep up with several classes simultaneously of other subjects. On the contrary, some of the books are in brevity, too cursory and with insufficient information on microbiology not useful to a typical medical student. The microbiology text presented here, was written after 25 years of teaching medical students and searching for a book that was both readable and complete enough to meet their needs. It contains all of the information that is pertinent to medical students who are studying microbiology keeping in mind their examination. It also provides a solid background of microbiology while describing the organisms in a manner that is clinically relevant.

Although, the text was designed to teach undergraduate and postgraduate medical students, it should also serve as a review tool for individuals who are taking medical examinations and persons working in health-related professions, physicians and infectious disease scientists. The mass of material may appear overwhelming for undergraduate students but that is real life.

Microbiology has expanded beyond recognition with various medical specialty and it is not possible for any textbook to cover all aspects of medical microbiology in depth. The textbook is divided into seven sections, based on the major disciplines included within microbiology: General Bacteriology, Immunology, Systemic Bacteriology, Virology, Medical Mycology, Miscellaneous and Diagnostic Medical Microbiology. The chapters themselves are comprehensive yet free of unnecessary detail and provide the reader with a framework for understanding. Mycology and parasitology have continued to flourish and have blossomed into fields of study of their own rights.

Therefore, parasitology has not been included in the book which has a sturdy independence. I shall be thankful for any comment or suggestions from students, teachers and all the readers of the book for further improvements.

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Author: Surinder Kumar - Vishwa Mohan Katoch
Edition: 1 edition
ISBN-13: 9789350255100
Language: English
Published: October 1, 2012
  • 200 EGP

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